Cass Vineyard and Winery Horseback Ride

60 | 90 | 120 minute ride Experience

Enjoy a horseback ride through the vineyard at Cass Winery, experiencing the different colors of the growing season. Backed by rolling hills and surrounded by vines, this ride has mild terrain, allowing the rider to relax and take in the scenery. The second half of the ride drops into the riverbed which has deep sand and a single track trail that takes the riders through some gorgeous big Oak tree sections. The ride circles back around and completes at the Cass tasting room, where guests can savor phenomenal food offerings and complimentary wine tasting. Perfect for those who want to experience horseback riding, vineyards and great food & wine in one splendid location.

  • 1 hour ride - $95 per person
  • 1.5 hour ride - $125 per person*
  • 2 hour ride - $140 per person*
  • pace may be increased at wranglers discretion.

Halter Ranch Vineyard Horseback Ride


Enjoy a very scenic, hilly two hour horseback riding excursion circumnavigating the historic Halter Ranch Vineyard on the west side of Paso Robles. The ride takes you around the large pond, wildlife corridors and all 281 acres of the vineyard, which has amazing views of the 2000 acre property. Enjoy a cheese and charcuterie platter and start your tasting at a remote hillside picnic area which overlooks the vineyard, winery and tasting room, created exclusively for the horseback tours. Finish the ride in the very grand Halter Ranch tasting room to finish enjoying your full tasting of all the current release wines. This is an elite property and winery, which makes for a very special horseback riding experience.

  • $165 per person
  • Price includes food, wine and tasting fee
  • This is a walk only ride
  • Helmets are mandatory for ALL riders
  • Only available on Sundays

Calcareous Vineyard Horseback Ride

1 Hour | 2 Hour Experience

Enjoy a lush, woodsy horseback ride around the Calcareous Vineyard Estate on the prestine west side of Paso Robles wine country. This ride takes you around the property which features 480 acres of incredible hilltop views of downtown Paso Robles, the surrounding country side and vineyards. The ride also takes you through dense canopys along the creek bed, rich in vegetation and wildlife. Calcareous is known for its unique soil, as well as open land which allows the wildlife to run free. Different trail patterns allow for flexibility of ride durations. The 2 hour ride features a private tasting, overlooking the Vineyards and City of Paso Robles. This ride is great for those who seek a very authentic trail ride experience on a breath taking piece of land, paired with complimentary fabulous wine tasting.

  • 1 hour ride - $115 per person
  • 2 hour experience with private tasting - $150 per person

Front Side Santa Margarita Lake Horseback Ride

120-MINUTE Ride

Enjoy a unique, more technical, single track trailride around the front side of Santa Margarita Lake, which lies just south-east of the historic town of Santa Margarita. The trail mainly faces to the north, which keeps it mostly shaded and allows the vegetation to stay much greener than other trails in the area. The ride is a loop, with many switchbacks and steep elevation changes. It takes guests high above the lake, showcasing spectacular views of the lake and rock formations. This is a more advanced ride and caters to riders who are looking to experience a visually interesting , remote excursion in a stunning location. Comes with complimentary wine tasting at Ancient Peaks tasting room in Santa Maragarita to be used after the ride.

  • 2 hour ride which includes mandatory park fee- $165 per person*
  • *for intermediate to advanced riders only

    *strict weight limits apply

Back Side Santa Margarita Lake Horseback Ride

4 Hour Experience

This ride is a very unique excursion and by far the most time in the saddle of all the rides available. Guests start out at the Blinn Ranch trailhead close to the monumental Pozo Salon, and ride to Horse Camp, where customized lunch and beverages are provided. Horse Camp has corals, a bathroom, picnic tables and clean access to the waters edge. The terrain is mostly fire roads and wider trails, but does offer a tight single track section that leads to the camp area. The ride winds along the waters edge, featuring lush landscape to take in, as well as open views of the remote country side, and lots of wildlife. Guests are able to have the freedom to explore around a little off trail, and pick up the pace at the wranglers discretion. This ride is perfect for groups looking for a personal experience that focuses on their interactions with each other, and nature. Truly an amazing way to see a less discovered part of the beautiful SLOCAL. This ride also comes with complimentary wine tasting at Ancient Peaks Winery in historic Santa Margarita to be used after.

  • 4 hour experience including mandatory park fees, lunch and beverages- $265 per person