Lodging accommodations at
Horsetail Ranch In Creston, Ca

Headquarters of Central Coast Trailrides

Enjoy on site accommodations including a magnificent and spacious 5 bedroom Villa overlooking a private lake, or a rustic, perfectly styled Cabin with 2 levels, both with magazine published sunset and sunrise views. Each guest residence offers a completely unique and very special experiemce. Not only is Horsetail Ranch a premier private estate property to explore on Horseback, it's also with close proximity to Paso Robles vineyards and wineries, as well as the Central Coast's popular restaraunts, venues, attractions and coastline. Horsetail Ranch encourages guests to circumnavigate the nearly 150 acrea property, which features mature oaks, pines and lots of wildlife, in foot or mountain bike as well. Not only is it an ideal vacation destination, it also is a perfect venue for a wedding, large gathering, or corporate retreat. Lastly, the Ranch and guest accommodations are managed by the owners of Central Coast Trailrides, providing the same local, down to earth, 5 star customer experience the Central Coast is known for!