Meet the Horses

* Please note our herd is ever changing and always growing so ask about our new additions and if you are looking to ride something specific just let us know! 


A large, red roan, Draft Cross gelding. Crystals true love and her guide horse, yet he is smooth and easy going for guests as well.


A thick, bay, Draft Cross mare which fits the definition of bombproof, making her ideal for the very young kids.


A big, beautiful, Tabiano Paint gelding with an extremely smooth gait and easy going, silly personality.


A huge (almost 19 hands) solid white, Percheron gelding who is steady, extremely calm and a loves to be loved. A true Gentle Giant.


A very strong, athletic, bay Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred gelding who's skilled in many disciplines and has lots of go.


A big, gorgeous, solid white Percheron mare, who is a durable, big footed workhorse on the trail.


A small, yet high endurance, dapple grey, BLM Mustang gelding with lots of personality. He is a great follow the leader type of guy, but in a very fun way.


A average sized, stout, sorrel Quarter Horse gelding who is dependable, consistent and has a heart of gold. Anyone can ride him.


A medium build, dunn, Quarter Horse mare who is very sweet and safe but with an energetic, prancier, forward moving style.


A smaller, calm but quick footed red roan, Missouri Foxtrotter mare who is excellent for kids as well as adults.


A well built and bred sorrel Quarter Horse mare who is very well trained but has some spirit at times. Mainly Brian's guide horse.


A stocky, liver chestnut Belgian Draft Cross mare who is sure footed, durable, and smooth to ride. Also a great Pack horse.


A strong, solid black Morgan gelding who is responsive and very even tempered with a more forward moving step.


A smaller bay gelding who is gentle and naturally slower but is still willing to pick up the pace if asked, but mostly a good follower.


A an average sized pretty paint Quarter Horse gelding who is the sweetest, easiest neck reined horse, with a puppy dog attitude.


A young Appaloosa gelding with a very willing to learn and please additude. Curious with a heart of gold.


A buckskin Mini Horse mare with the cutest behavior and sassy attitude. She is very vocal, loves treats and a good grooming